Tuesday, 14 April 2009

here are some stills..

... from an awful animation i made
the story is SO lame- we had to animate only a segment from our storyboard. the whole story is about a girl whos just broken up from school for summer, and just like they do every year, the girls family go to their holiday home in the country side. one day shes out in the fields of barley, you know the setting- running and jumping around, picking flowers, singing etc etc, and because the suns so hot, she wears her little feet our and needs drink and a lie down. she finds a stream and takes a few hand cups to her mouth before falling asleep against the massive 'berry' tree next to the stream. shes woken by two naughty birds who are shaking the trees branches so the berries fall staining her dress. she stands up and shooos them away. they fly off, and she feels bad. really bad. then she realizes she even actually likes the patterns left by the the berries, making her feel double bad - so she cries : [

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  1. HAHAHA. i love this story so much. her hair is nice too. i'm jealous of her hair.



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