Friday, 19 December 2008


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

not quite

right ok, basically i arrived home today in a mad panic...i jumped off the train- massive comotion etc, and headed straight towards Festival of Fun fancy dress shop for my Garth ting. got glasses and a wig, but i look more like a combo of...

...J Mascis and...

which obviously im pretty happy about that, just wished id have said oh yeah im of as a cross between J Mascis and KC, and not ended up as them because of my failings. but anyhow. its fine. il post a picture when i get one dudes

ps whilst were on the subject

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

coz it is 2002

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

if i had some money i would buy / if i didnt have to get a months rent paid for chrsitmas i would request

Headless Heroes - the silence of love
and i would listen to it in car rides at night
mp3 - True love
if nothing else get it because of their jesus and the mary chain - just like honey cover
peter broderick - home

MP3 -
Below It

so mint, if you dont like, you should let it buffer then play from 2.30, honestly

Erin Lang - Foundlings and Strays

MP3 - Daisy

its really sweet, not heard much else other than 'you're better off' which is also good, it sounds like the music on shane meadows 'le donk' (trailer anyway) so i want to hear zie album

K-the-I??? - yesterday, today & tomorrow
mp3- Just Listen

theres a song 'lead the floor' which sounds a bit like dead prez - hip hop. check it perhaps

cba with album covers/ pictures of artists now

when i listen to this next song, i close my eyes and imagine im in a really really sad part of a 90s teen film, like at the end where loads of lies unravel and theres a death maybe? and the cameras keep swooping in and out of the shots focusing on the characters effected who all look distraught, everyones in tears. or maybe its a final episode of dawsons creek? but whatever, it has to be hardcore..a real tear jerker
(basically what hallelujah did for the last ep of o.c S.1 )


Essie Jain
- The Inbetween
mp3-eaves drop

Run on Sentence - Oh When The Wind Comes Down
MP3 - The Afterlife PT 1

it is so mint its been on repeat this morning whilst ive been bored and posting like a million posts

right totally cba now add somemore maybe later but im done with epic/nice (bar K-the-I???) for the minute
i need to go to town for a blonde wig/ glasses as part of my Garth from Waynes World get up...hopefully i will look exactly like him..

and not be the quivelent to her...(never mix characters)

"Here's my lame attempt and take on it. It's a cross between Garth and Wayne. Heh. Although, quite frankly, I look more like an overweight hilly-billy rather than an early 90's rocker.... I've been short on time."


Monday, 15 December 2008

one man. one dream. one chance.

one last one before sleep
my friend james linked me too this the other day. it is so mint, definatly definatly watch it all the way through.


part 2

i should be at college tomoz but cba becuase i go home on wed anyway, so im preparing some entertainment.

told you part 1

right now im creating an amazon wish list and watching this on repeat just for greenwood at 38 secs so jelous of it and will hopefully have hair like that in a year or so

amazon wish list currently consists of lookers- geoff nicholson, waynes world 1 & 2 (im ashamed to admit i havnt got this on dvd, only vhs), Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski: A Film Legacy (1977) - becuase james has it and i want to borrow it but cba so may as well just pretend im going to buy it, trying to get auf wiedersehn pet season 2, and the rest of preachers post 4/ all scott pilgrims/ final 10 issues of y the last man, ed templetons deformer (probs do a post solely dedicated to how good i think this looks), teachers/ cold feet/ heartbreak high (even though its not actually what i want it to be aka the australian series) keep adding to it - as it stands its not looking very exciting concidering its hyperthetical and i can whatever i WANTTT


im already obsessed..
i havnt blogged (posted) since last year big deal, i do it again now.



she wasnt that good..shar right

so mint...



narley richard kern

probs just going to post another well post now

this will be my.. stash, a place for a hoarder
kind of like this but its not real life

nor animal based

starter for 10

sheeeet my new blog.. velkomme
this is me all over, girls and cash.

i love girls girls girls...


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