Tuesday, 16 December 2008

if i had some money i would buy / if i didnt have to get a months rent paid for chrsitmas i would request

Headless Heroes - the silence of love
and i would listen to it in car rides at night
mp3 - True love
if nothing else get it because of their jesus and the mary chain - just like honey cover
peter broderick - home

MP3 -
Below It

so mint, if you dont like, you should let it buffer then play from 2.30, honestly

Erin Lang - Foundlings and Strays

MP3 - Daisy

its really sweet, not heard much else other than 'you're better off' which is also good, it sounds like the music on shane meadows 'le donk' (trailer anyway) so i want to hear zie album

K-the-I??? - yesterday, today & tomorrow
mp3- Just Listen

theres a song 'lead the floor' which sounds a bit like dead prez - hip hop. check it perhaps

cba with album covers/ pictures of artists now

when i listen to this next song, i close my eyes and imagine im in a really really sad part of a 90s teen film, like at the end where loads of lies unravel and theres a death maybe? and the cameras keep swooping in and out of the shots focusing on the characters effected who all look distraught, everyones in tears. or maybe its a final episode of dawsons creek? but whatever, it has to be hardcore..a real tear jerker
(basically what hallelujah did for the last ep of o.c S.1 )


Essie Jain
- The Inbetween
mp3-eaves drop

Run on Sentence - Oh When The Wind Comes Down
MP3 - The Afterlife PT 1

it is so mint its been on repeat this morning whilst ive been bored and posting like a million posts

right totally cba now actually...il add somemore maybe later but im done with epic/nice (bar K-the-I???) for the minute
i need to go to town for a blonde wig/ glasses as part of my Garth from Waynes World get up...hopefully i will look exactly like him..

and not be the quivelent to her...(never mix characters)

"Here's my lame attempt and take on it. It's a cross between Garth and Wayne. Heh. Although, quite frankly, I look more like an overweight hilly-billy rather than an early 90's rocker.... I've been short on time."


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