Saturday, 25 April 2009

Monday, 20 April 2009

"Late 90s teen infested london bedrooms on sundays full of people who turned into massive names mcing over amazing songs played by mint djs. buddha finger, pirate radio full stop, pay as you go crew, garage when it was just sped up jungle in the second room to a big jungle night - never its own night. so solid sundays. and funny accents nothing like grimes sharp GETZ'sy sounding talking, more slicker, less aggressive maybe like "viiirbe". what you imagine trev nelson to have been like 'back in the day', bic'ed heads everywhere."
think these are from nov dec, quite like them now

Philips: Carousel from CCW - Lab on Vimeo.


the work below isnt mine!

mash sf

john copeland, mike giant, wes lang, jell

eric adorn

Sunday, 19 April 2009

boarders magazine section is mental

im supposed to have gone back today, college tomorrow and all, but as im still ill, ive decided to delay this journey, just for a few extra nights, so i can spend some quality resting time in my home home. but yesterday when i was still planning on going, i went to boarders to get a magazine to read - fuck me. i had no idea what to get. unless you know exactly what you want, you need at least a few hours and one of their chairs to really make your decision. i ended up not getting one lol, im already as indecisive as you can be so i wasnt too amazed. still, chhhrriiisst.

R*I*P Shawn Mortensen

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009

A Night in the City from oldarmstrong on Vimeo.

soo good

if you dislike the music, mute it and carry on watching, its so good.

i want a chanel mirror now
Firmament x Boy's Own Ed.01 / Dave Little


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

lets twist

like we did last summer

another rad pad

vauxhall and i

"Now My Heart Is Full" – 4:57 (Morrissey/Boorer)
"Spring-Heeled Jim" – 3:47 (Morrissey/Boorer)
"Billy Budd" – 2:08 (Morrissey/Whyte)
"Hold on to Your Friends" – 4:02 (Morrissey/Whyte)
"The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" – 3:44 (Morrissey/Boorer)
"Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" – 3:20 (Morrissey/Whyte)
"I Am Hated for Loving" – 3:41 (Morrissey/Whyte)
"Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning" – 3:42 (Morrissey/Boorer)
"Used to Be a Sweet Boy" – 2:49 (Morrissey/Whyte)
"The Lazy Sunbathers" – 3:08 (Morrissey/Whyte)
"Speedway" – 4:30 (Morrissey/Boorer)

ant and dec maybe

im off here 2moz night, wooo mini road trip.

"got a new place"

one of the raddist flats ive stayed at, was in dalston i think, last year, interview weekend.

myspace LOL

old myspace pics haha

oh hey dude

this is james helen and jamie, zaks somewhere, but i put this up because, what am i on about - i talk as though loads of people read this, and people who i dont know, james - i put this up because u said u read this now. hi, can u remember this night? was it the stupid protest?

as if

this is my old band toy radar at the leadmill supporting the maccabees. it was so rad at the time, sold out etc. someone found this on youtube a while ago, we broke up in 07, i was 17 or maybe just turned 18 here. LOL i wore a GIO GOI t shirt in front about 900 people LAME but i still like it, its 14 seconds part of it

i need to build a bridge

and get over the fact i live by the sea, because it still makes me smile

i live half around a hour out of my home town city center, and i biked it in 3 yes 3 get up kids songs. so fit.
oh yeah its not my photo btw, flickr baby

here are some stills..

... from an awful animation i made
the story is SO lame- we had to animate only a segment from our storyboard. the whole story is about a girl whos just broken up from school for summer, and just like they do every year, the girls family go to their holiday home in the country side. one day shes out in the fields of barley, you know the setting- running and jumping around, picking flowers, singing etc etc, and because the suns so hot, she wears her little feet our and needs drink and a lie down. she finds a stream and takes a few hand cups to her mouth before falling asleep against the massive 'berry' tree next to the stream. shes woken by two naughty birds who are shaking the trees branches so the berries fall staining her dress. she stands up and shooos them away. they fly off, and she feels bad. really bad. then she realizes she even actually likes the patterns left by the the berries, making her feel double bad - so she cries : [


i just got back from the seas, sailors goatie. 

whats my age again..

well, i guess id be happy if this happened more often!
im the one in the middle with a black hat on, and the guy below me is the one who advised me on what represents the modern world.

why dont things like this happen where i live?


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