Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Friday, 18 September 2009

hanging out in sutherland square when my clever friends are free from university; playing dice down warner road for records, t shirts and other band merch; scary bike rides with john (james and Zak?); books ill take forever to read from tamara and james; always being near a band i love at least, AT LEAST once a week; guilt ridden from being less excited about better night life prospects than say, hmm, skeltron 3000; then feeling ok because james feels the same; mash up pre vibe moments feat best of brighton/ york/ loring halls circa 08/09 for the ultimate josie scream along climaxes (aka big dave drop whatever it is youre doing when you receive 'the call', get the next train); at some point finding a sense of purpose amidst the poker nights/ film nights/ big dinner nights, fun days/nights; fairy lights in our garden 'structures'; being out of my depth in every way imaginable; that mint feeling when everything is as good as my favourite songs; south bank with with james; Zak unable to avoid socials in his room despite living in a different address..

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Monday, 24 August 2009

one night two months ago, i got so bored of sitting on my fat ass. then i felt content again. two days later, i was out with my buddy getting beer and shit for the game which was on that night. it felt like old times, the first few post college years. i didnt feel thirty four anymore. nor did i feel overweight and underachieved anymore. i didnt feel unattractive or stale anymore. i felt fresher than i had when i was twenty.
one night last month i was walking to the 7/11 for milk when i noticed a small fight spill out from inside the pub over the road, onto the street. intrigued yet scared i felt over come with excitement, and before i knew it i'd crossed the road, shouted noises and involved myself within what can best be described as my WORST NIGHTMARE. normally i run as fast as i can in the complete opposite direction, but not this time. i got beaten, badly, which i was lucky enough to have actually experienced, having regained consciousness just in time.

i feel no attachment to that body, that body which b lined for disaster, only a fictional image in my head of what it must have looked like; stupid. and it was stupid, so so so.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

i miss brighton

i miss brighton

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Greenvanilla underwater

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this isnt just me is it, this is actually mint

1 m 33 s

not fake

John Carpenter's slow and deliberate immersion of the daunting and worrying fable of the corrupt, deceiving and indifferent economic, social and political society, that has wrapped itself around its people and who in turn have blindly accepted their fate. Multicultural in more forms than anticipated, are the leading and upwardly mobile alien race who have gelled themselves into the Human psyche and exploited it to its full potential. This is the story of an everyman, a no one, a Nada [Roddy Piper] who stumbles upon their secret, via an underground movement, whose mission is to sabotage their plans and awaken the world to its sinister plans. With the help of a pair of sunglasses, that shows the world as it really is, not in colour, but a black and white parallel world that the sub-conscious has chosen to ignore. With subliminal messages as "OBEY", "CONFORM", "MARRY AND REPRODUCE", "CONSUME", "WATCH TELEVISION" and "SLEEP". It is through this thought control that the aliens have this world tied up and neatly packaged for its own manipulative uses, to further themselves at the expense of the meek, mild and the lowly sufferers of a job less and hungry world. This is the battle of self-awareness and one mans struggle with a reality check that has these alien beings staging war against the up-rising and rebellious armies from the gutters and streets. They Live You Sleep; where will your consciousness take you when the sleep is washed from your eyes. Welcome to the real world.



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