Friday, 18 September 2009

hanging out in sutherland square when my clever friends are free from university; playing dice down warner road for records, t shirts and other band merch; scary bike rides with john (james and Zak?); books ill take forever to read from tamara and james; always being near a band i love at least, AT LEAST once a week; guilt ridden from being less excited about better night life prospects than say, hmm, skeltron 3000; then feeling ok because james feels the same; mash up pre vibe moments feat best of brighton/ york/ loring halls circa 08/09 for the ultimate josie scream along climaxes (aka big dave drop whatever it is youre doing when you receive 'the call', get the next train); at some point finding a sense of purpose amidst the poker nights/ film nights/ big dinner nights, fun days/nights; fairy lights in our garden 'structures'; being out of my depth in every way imaginable; that mint feeling when everything is as good as my favourite songs; south bank with with james; Zak unable to avoid socials in his room despite living in a different address..

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