Monday, 15 December 2008

told you part 1

right now im creating an amazon wish list and watching this on repeat just for greenwood at 38 secs so jelous of it and will hopefully have hair like that in a year or so

amazon wish list currently consists of lookers- geoff nicholson, waynes world 1 & 2 (im ashamed to admit i havnt got this on dvd, only vhs), Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski: A Film Legacy (1977) - becuase james has it and i want to borrow it but cba so may as well just pretend im going to buy it, trying to get auf wiedersehn pet season 2, and the rest of preachers post 4/ all scott pilgrims/ final 10 issues of y the last man, ed templetons deformer (probs do a post solely dedicated to how good i think this looks), teachers/ cold feet/ heartbreak high (even though its not actually what i want it to be aka the australian series) keep adding to it - as it stands its not looking very exciting concidering its hyperthetical and i can whatever i WANTTT

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